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If you're looking for a way to classify, complete, enrich, and validate your data in a scalable and cost-efficient way, JAI is the solution for you.

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How does JAI work?


Choose the data sources
you wish to integrate with JAI

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JAI uses AI to identify patterns in your data


Transformed values are stored in a staging table and await feedback

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case study

Global packaging manufacturer (46k employees worldwide) facing the challenge of classifying 500k+ unique purchased items.

The application was extremely easy to use and was up and running in hours, without any technical skills required.

JAI's ability to learn from semi-structured and noisy data was a perfect fit for consolidating legacy databases quickly and easily, with no errors from previous manual categorizations.

10h to 30min

It is the end of manual and tedious data cleaning. Life is too short to manually clean your data.

Ease of use

The use of the application was through a NO-CODE interface giving autonomy to the team without involvement from IT.

100% international-ready

Compatibility with European plants that use the same ERP system and have similar problems (and we are also GDPR-compliant).

Demo - JAI

JAI works by simply autocompleting columns in your data warehouse or spreadsheet with more than 80% accuracy.

Watch our demo below to understand how JAI can make it all possible.

84% of CEOs

are concerned about the quality of the data they are basing their decisions.

80% of data scientists

say they spend their time finding, organizing, and cleaning data instead of analyzing it.

Spend your time on what counts.

And that's how we make it easy to trust your data again.

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