Trustworthy data for better decision-making

Your data can be more than good enough!

JAI empowers you to classify, complete, enrich, and validate your data in a scalable and cost-efficient way. We are fast because we know you must meet critical service level agreements!

We are agnostic of your current data stack bridging IT with business again. Contact us to know how JAI can help you today!

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JAI - Trustworthy data for better decision-making
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Does your data support better decision-making? 

Big Bad Data

Inconsistent data entry companies with increasing velocity, greater variability, and volume.

Trust Issues

Sub-optimal decisions are made based on incomplete or inaccurate reporting and analytics.

Business Impacts

Sub-optimal decisions reduce margins, delay time-to-market, and undermine customers’ trust.

...And it will get worse

A shortage of data professionals is predicted in the coming years, making it impossible to hire professionals with the necessary skills to clean, filter, and integrate your data.

As a result, companies have multiple pain points:


of CEOs are concerned about the quality of the data they are basing their decisions on


of data scientists say they spend their time finding, organizing, and cleaning data instead of analyzing it

Investments in AI-based tools to assist in data sanitization and consolidation returns an average of 200% increase in productivity!

The manual process is slower, more expensive, and often requires specific knowledge of the business area.

Reduce the risk of your decision-making process today

How does JAI work?


Choose the data sources you wish to integrate with JAI

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JAI uses AI to identify irregular patterns in data - and store their machine representations (vector embeddings)

JAI - Machine representation (vector embeddings)

Changes are automatically staged into a checkup table for human inspection

JAI - checkup table
Demo - JAI

Imagine spending time only validating your product classification instead of manually cleaning it. Imagine autocompleting a column in your data warehouse - or spreadsheet if you prefer -with more than 80% accuracy.

No more garbage in, garbage out. Watch our demo and see how JAI can make it all possible.

case study

Legacy ERP systems and inconsistencies in manual input data - in multiple languages - have forced this multinational packaging supplier with 200 locations in over 40 countries to think outside the box! Their procurement team has around 20.000 unmapped values monthly to classify (e g., category/subcategory) to present a spend analysis to the business leaders by the end of the month. These are their main gains using JAI:


increase in productivity (around 2h weekly verifying results vs. 10h weekly of manually cleaning data)

Ease of use

increase in productivity (around 2h weekly verifying results vs. 10h weekly of manually cleaning data)


increase in productivity (around 2h weekly verifying results vs. 10h weekly of manually cleaning data)


Benefits you can measure

Time to value
Quality of data

Traditional process

Long (6+ months) - hire and train resources, establish best practices and build your own solution

High - need to hire more people and resources as the volume of data increases

One-time - the data is cleaned, accuracy is measured, and the project ends

Difficult - dependency on IT teams to maintain the system on top of their other usual responsibilities

Medium - focus on only data validation, accuracy and, uniqueness

JAI Process

Short (2-3 weeks) - engage directly with our experts, sign and configure using JAI

Low - add more data for JAI to manage without needing to add more people or resources

Continuous - data is constantly cleaned and enriched, the more you use JAI, the better the quality

Simple - outsource maintenance to JAI and give data observability to all teams (not just IT)

High - focus on data validation, accuracy, uniqueness, completeness, consistency and speed

Time to value
Quality of data

See how JAI can help you today!

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